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Red worms are more formally known as Eisenia fetida has few other common names such as  brandling worm, panfish worm, trout worm, tiger worm, red wiggler worm, red californian earth worm, etc., is a species of earthworm adapted to decaying organic material. These worms thrive in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure; they are epigean. They are rarely found in soil, instead preferring conditions that are inimical to some other worms and are best worm for composting.

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Red Worms (Eisenia fetida) – a.k.a: Redwormbrandling wormpanfish wormtrout wormtiger wormred wiggler wormred californian earth worm, etc.

Red worms are used as composting worms and fishing worms. Skinnier than the night crawlers, the red worms are more active in the water and compost faster than their larger night crawler cousins. 

Red Worms can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, can process organic waste materials very quickly, and will increase in numbers at a rapid rate if their primary requirements are met. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or just add some extra flower juice to your gardens, Red Worms are the most cost-effective composting machines around.


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  • Insect/ Mite Free
  • Instructions on how to add to lawn/garden/composters
  • Great Composting Worm
  • Excellent Fishing Worm

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